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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CBI questions Kalmadi

The CBI on Tuesday questioned Commonwealth Games Organising Committee's former chief Suresh Kalmadi in connection with massive financial irregularities in the Games.
Kalmadi is at the CBI headquarters in New Delhi.
Forensic evidence linking Suresh Kalmadi to contracts being investigated for alleged corruption, delivery deficits and manipulation of tender terms had come to light recently.
Details of Kalmadi's links to dubious decisions taken during his tenure as chief organiser are with the V K Shunglu committee probing an array of Games-related irregularities. The evidence was turned up by private experts engaged by the committee who examined computer and email records at the OC office.
Sources said the experts did not find it easy to scour through the electronic records, many of which were obliterated and others fudged or tampered with. But despite being able to look at the record weeks after the Games concluded, they have hit on Kalmadi's footprint.

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